About Us

100 YEARS – “it is not the end but just the beginning…”

Deer hunting, taxidermy, live deer capture, establishing two deer farms, commercial venison processing and velvet production has been a way of life for Des De Laine since the 1940’s.

Recognising an opportunity, Des took his butchering skills, taught by his father and his father before him, to a new level when establishing Hahndorf Venison in the 1970’s – primarily focusing upon producing premium field harvested venison for the Australian restaurant industry.

In those early days Hahndorf Venison processed deer much in the same way that today’s field harvesters operate.

However, by 1981 deer became officially recognised as livestock.

This meant deer destined for commercial venison production for human consumption were required to be presented at registered abattoirs.

From around 2005 onward, the gradual decline in deer farming brought about a supply shortage of critical numbers to meet efficient abattoir production.

Abattoir operators lost interest in processing deer.

Hahndorf Venison, now in its third generation, has gone full cycle to return to field harvest venison production.

Hahndorf Venison constructed and now operate its very own fully Government approved, licenced and accredited Game Processing facility to complement its further processing operations.

So, what does all this mean?

For Hahndorf Venison it means further distancing of external influences, the deer is respected and treated humanely, food miles are considerably reduced and provides support for an ethical approach toward zero waste.

Many years ago, a famous Australian chef once stated, “the sweetest venison is from the deer that didn’t even know it was killed”. After decades of venison production, we couldn’t agree more. Although long since retired, Des intends to see what he started so long ago into his 100 years.

As a tribute to Des, son John and grandson Lachlan have released 100 YEARS Spirit of the Stag – a deer antler velvet extract infused liquor.

Thoughtfully blended with mead, the ancient drink of the Viking warriors, 100 YEARS presents as a delightful liquor of unique velvet extract aromatics, with seasonal floral honey flavours, and the Spirit of the Stag.

Revered and much sought-after by Tao Masters, deer antler has been used to obtain inner peace and spiritual harmony for thousands of years.

Spirit of the Stag provides the key to ancient wisdom, prolonging life, improving energy, protecting the body and increasing sexual vigour.

The Stag annually casts his antlers. It is not the end the new growth begins. In just 100 days the new antler is complete.