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The Spirit of the Stag

Hahndorf Venison

The original Adelaide Hills Venison specialists since 1978. Farming and butchering is in their DNA dating back to the 1880’s, and today they still produce the highest quality venison on Australia.

100 Years

Thoughtfully blended with mead creating a liquor with delightful aromatics, a floral honey taste, and the Spirit of the Stag – deer antler velvet. Providing THE KEY TO ANCIENT WISDOM, this is a truly unique beverage.

Deer Park Tours

Paddock to plate. Join a unique small group tour to discover where a food journey begins. A 4WD experience where guests can see six species of deer and enjoy a 3-course venison lunch.

Deer Antler Velvet

Revered by Tao Masters, deer antler has been used to obtain inner peace and spiritual harmony for thousands of years. Velvet is much sought-after as it is believed to prolong life, improve energy, protect the body, and increase vigour.

What We Do

100 Years

We are the only creators of a deer antler velvet alcoholic liquor product in Australia. Our Spirit of the Stag is thoughtfully blended with mead to produce a unique and delicious drink. Can also be used for culinary delights.

Deer Park Tours

4WD farm tours of a working venison farm. You’ll see 6 species of deer, antelope and the majestic elk. Enjoy a 3-course venison lunch hosted by the farm manager & local wines and the Spirit of the Stag liquor.

Hahndorf Venison

We see it from the farm to the kitchen, cheek to shank! A family run farm and processing facility supplying Australian chefs with the highest quality venison. Adelaide Hills Venison specialists since 1978.

Revered and much-sought after by Tao Masters, deer antler has been used to obtain inner peace and spiritual harmony for thousands of years.


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What is deer velvet?

Essentially velvet the growing antler of the stag. It is important to be aware that antler is the only mammalian structure that regenerates annually and grows extremely rapidly, up to 1cm per day!

Velvet International Pty Ltd does not make claims of the health benefits of velvet consumption. Velvet International Pty Ltd recommends consumers carry out their own research and should seek professional medical advise before consuming velvet.

Our Family




100 YEARS – “it is not the end but just the beginning…”

Deer hunting, taxidermy, live deer capture, establishing two deer farms, commercial venison processing and velvet production has been a way of life for Des De Laine since the 1940’s.

News and Recipes

Soy and sugar marinated Fallow venison cold rolls

Fallow Venison Carpaccio, Fosters Herbs, Cab Sav Vinaigrette, Sour Dough Crouton

Pan Roasted Loin of Fallow Venison with Swiss Brown Mushroom and Fennel Ragout

Loin of Fallow Venison with Potato gnocchi, Beetroot and Radicchio

Pot Roast Bolar

An easy venison shoulder pot roast with all the ingredients cooked in just one pan, perfect for feeding and impressing a crowd.

Venison Osso Buco

Braised in red wine and cooked until the venison is fall-off-the-bone tender, this will become a family favourite.